Our Story

We are convinced that as the Word says, all of God's promises have been confirmed in Christ. (2 Cor. 1:20). But also that he wants to answer our prayers when we come to him in the Name of Jesus, (John 16:23). In addition, Jesus says that if two of you agree and pray to the Father, we will receive it (Matt. 18:19). With many more words that God wants and can answer prayer.

In our service to the Lord since the early 90's, we have seen many wonderful miracles, in which God has supernaturally intervened in human life. Where prayer has always been a central part of our ministry, whether it is in church contexts or television and media.

Everything is born in prayer. In everything we do for the Lord in service, we must first be born in prayer. Like all examples of when Jesus withdrew to pray after which we can read about wonderful miracles in His service.

We have therefore started this TV channel to be able to meet you to encourage you through the proclamation of the Word. In prayer with you to see your miracles and victories in Jesus. A testimony that you can also have the opportunity to share on the channel.

The channel is based on the local parish Victory Center Helsingborg where we are also pastors. Continue to follow the channel on Facebook and Youtube, new programs every week.

Andrea and Tommy Josefsson

Connect With Us

If you have questions or other thoughts, please feel free to contact us. You can also make a request here if you want a visit to your church from us.