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We are convinced that as the Word says, all of God's promises have been confirmed in Christ. (2 Cor. 1:20). But also that he wants to answer our prayers when we come to him in the Name of Jesus, (John 16:23). In addition, Jesus says that if two of you agree and pray to the Father, we will receive it (Matt. 18:19). With many more words that God wants and can answer prayer.

You can send your prayer topic to us here and we want to stand in faith with you in prayer. That God will answer your prayer in your very special situation.

At the same time, the Word of God says that we must remember that the trials and sufferings we go through are no greater than what our fellow believers in the world may experience (1 Pet. 5: 9 and 1 Cor. 10:13). He's taking you through!

Faith is trusting wholeheartedly in God and speaking the same thing as He, the Word.

Find a promise from God in His Word and begin to believe that your situation will change and you will see victory. Amen.

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Tell your testimony about what good God has done in your life. We really want to hear about when God has intervened and done great deeds in your life. Send an email and tell us.



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