With You To See His Miracles





To encourage you to move on in faith with Jesus. Regardless of your situation, the Word of God always wants to lead us to grow in our trust in him. Through our program Today's Power Word, we want to take part in it and be inspired.





Prayer is a way of life, just as important as breathing. In everything we do in the kingdom of God, we need to be born in prayer. Prayer makes the supernatural happen in your life. In our program Today Show and Prayer Online, we focus on the very power of prayer in the Name of Jesus.





When we hear about what God does for others, it awakens faith in our lives to see God's supernatural power for change. In the Today Show program, we share various testimonies of what God is doing to strengthen your faith.

Our Story


They are the pastor's of the community Victory Center, International Church in Helsingborg. Ever since the early 90's when they began to serve God, they have experienced the importance of prayer. It is in prayer that everything starts and it is in prayer that we see God's supernatural intervention. Here we want to encourage you through the Word and prayer to move forward on your journey with Jesus.

Follow Andrea and Tommy M. Josefsson in programs such as today's power words, today's show and prayer directly ...